We aim to help you work through any difficulties hindering you from holistic well-being.
• Marriage & relationship
• Addiction
• Parenting & child counseling
• Various forms of abuse
• Bereavement & trauma
• Depression
• Any other troubles…

Creative Art Therapies

We also have music therapy if that sounds better to you! Music therapy Provides avenues for communication that can be helpful to those who find it difficult to express themselves in words. It is also a great way of exploring and restoring your self, relationships and difficulties. Music and arts therapies are also very helpful in the development of children or adults with dissibilities, diagnosed on the autism spectrum, or for anyone having trouble to function to their full potential.

Enrichment Seminars

These seminars and retreats aim to enrich your life in different areas. Whether it is to spice up your marriage, get new innovative ideas to inspire your children, or to take a break from your busy schedule to re-connect with God. Check our website and news regularly for the next opportunity to touch up your life in various ways


Every Sunday after services at the prayer room next to the coffee shop. Our team would love to pray with you, listen to, and explore those burning desires, breakthroughs or struggles in your heart.

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